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Let there be new life for wood: the Exentia Collectionis an innovative concept that unites prestigious design, respect for the environment, love for nature, technological innovation and passion for quality.

The wood we use for our creations is exclusively solid, originating only in European forests and FSC certified, a safeguard for the oldest trees and in full respect of the life cycle of the woods. Certification which for each tree felled includes the planting of new examples.


Exentia products are manufactured exclusively with European lumber. The wood is processed in full respect of its natural shape and imperfections in our plant in Moimacco (Udine). Treated only with water-based, non-toxic paints, without the use of formaldehyde or other solvents, each surface is produced with various finishes that enhance its colour and grain features.


The knots, splits, stripes, clear and dark spots, the sapwood and mottling: these are all peculiarities of wood characterised by a long life, whose properties are brought out in these purposely-aged tables. They are imperfections that are transformed into qualities and which grant the product all those typical and unique features of wood.


With passion, love and much work the majesty of walnut the elegance of grey fir and the nobility of oak emerge in the finishing.

The surfaces thus created become furnishing elements with a strong and decided character. In full respect of the natural elements, each Exentia wooden table transmits all the essence, the warmth and the emotion of solid wood.


The finishes may be combined with metal and wood to adapt with elegance and discretion to the style of any house. The solid wood surface of Exentia tables is available in production with the following measurements: 200x100, 100x250 and 300x120.